Abbey is in need of a very specific type of forever home. Please read her entire profile to make sure she is a good fit before submitting an adoption application.

When Abbey first came into rescue, she was extremely overweight and would not eat kibble, having been used to eating people food. She was afraid of everything and would jump at loud noises or sudden movements and was terrified of men. In the past several months, she has made huge progress. She has lost weight, eats a normal diet and is gaining confidence every day.

Abbey is still very timid and slow to adapt to new environments and situations. She will require an experienced owner who is patient and willing to work at her speed while building up her confidence. Abbey has a big fear of men and requires a calm environment with a female owner. If a man is in the house, they would need to be very cautious around her and understanding that she needs space. She will occasionally allow a man to pet her and even nudge their hands for additional pets but in general she shies away. She is generally okay meeting new women but does take time warming up to any new person. Thunderstorms are Abbey’s least favorite thing and she will shake, either hiding or seeking out her person for comfort. She’s not fond of sneezes either!

Abbey absolutely loves going for walks. Since she has lost weight she loves to be active. She is working on her leash skills as she pulls and tends to zig-zag. If a man is across the street she tries to get as far away as possible and will not let them out of her site. She does best walking down quieter streets with less loud noises. She would love a new neighbourhood that has bunnies or cats outside as she enjoys looking for them and trying to chase. When she learns her leash manners, she may make a good running partner as well.

She does not tend to spend much time outside in the backyard, though it is advisable that she either has a fenced in yard for comfort where she can’t see the neighbours or a quieter area if tied out so that she feels comfortable and secure when going to do her business. An apartment is not recommended for Abbey because she loves to pace around, literally doing laps of the house.

Abbey is not crated and has no history of destructive behaviour when in foster care. She likes to sleep on the couch, but will get off if directed. She now either spends her night on the floor beside her foster’s bed, or occasionally will get up for a snuggle.

Abbey lives with another dog who is a senior and very laid back. They will occasionally play chase in the backyard. Abbey would likely do well with another calm dog in the house that she can take cues from and learn that the world is not so scary. She also currently lives with three cats. In the beginning she would chase and annoy them, but over time the novelty has worn off. When she would catch them she would just sniff and walk away, but dog savvy cats who don’t fear being chased would be best. She also does well around small bunnies.

Abbey has not met many children. She would likely make a fantastic family dog as she just loves to soak up attention when she is comfortable with the person. Children who are very calm and old enough to understand she is timid and will not grab or scare her is required.

Abbey is super sweet and affectionate and the progress she has made since coming into care has been huge. She went from a dog that was trembling in the kitchen refusing to even go outside to pee or eat for days to a girl who will run around the house, jump up beside you for pets and cuddles, and even talk back a bit. With a forever family that is willing to take the time and patience to help her conquer her fears, she will make a fantastic new addition to a family.

Abbey has some allergies that are easily managed with medication. At this time, her medication costs $95 per month. She has also had some seizures when in foster care but are irregular and the cause is unknown. She is not on any medication for this and is simply being monitored. A family who will be ok with the potential need for seizure medication in the future is a must.

Although Abbey does have specific needs in a forever home, the love and affection she gives once she’s comfortable will be worth the patience needed to get her to a comfortable space.


  • Breed: Shepherd Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 7 yrs. 9 mos. old
  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Black/Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage:

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes
  • Kids: Yes, 12+ due to her timid nature
  • Housing Type: Quiet neighbourhood. A house (attached ok) with fenced yard is preferred