Autumn is such a special girl. She is a young lady from Barbados looking for her fresh start in a calm home where she will be your devoted best friend. Her gorgeous olive eyes are sure to melt your heart, and make you question how it is that people haven’t been nice to her until now. Your patience in winning her over will be rewarded with the cutest little “high-fives” and puppy plays as she continues to grow her confidence and trust.

Understandably, Autumn has taken some time to come out of her shell and feel safe in her foster home, but she is now the most adorable, loveable gal, learning more and more how to be a dog every day. She loves her foster brother who plays gently with her and shows her the ropes on walks — and that toys and treats are pretty cool. We don’t think she needs another dog in the house, but her foster brother has certainly helped her thrive and she would likely benefit from a confident doggie sibling.

Autumn is perfectly housetrained and is crate trained while her family is out – she whines a bit, but then settles quickly. She is otherwise very quiet, almost never barks and is just happy to shadow her people, showing again and again how happy she is for her new life.

Autumn has the perfect amount of energy for most tastes. She loves her walks – though a busy loud area would be too scary – and loves her forest treks to explore nature. In fact, this Bajan gal loves the snow and summersaults in happiness throughout her outside time. It’s so cute, people stop to comment! If you like hiking or jogging, she would probably love to be your adventure partner for that too!

If you have the patience to help Autumn adapt to your home, keep learning that the world isn’t so scary and people will be nice to her, she will reward your tenfold with her gorgeous demeanor and faithful companionship.


  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 yrs. old
  • Size: 14 kgs
  • Colour: White and Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes, please. A confident dog would help her settle and feel safe.
  • Cats: Unknown but possibly okay!
  • Kids: 10+ and dog-savvy/calm
  • Housing Type: Any as long as in a calm neighborhood.
  • Fenced-in Yard: Ideal
  • Special: Autumn is Ehrlichia positive but is not symptomatic and does not currently require treatment.  She will need to be on tick prevention for life.  She is looking for someone home often, not being left more than 4-5 hours at a time initially.  She is looking for a home in the Ottawa area. She is not a candidate for dog parks so if these are important to you, please do not apply.
  • Adoption Fee: $750