Axton is a very sweet, cuddly boy who is happy to be with you and participate in all things with you!  He loves playing fetch in a fenced in space, and to jump in, on and through snow banks.  He loves having toys to play with and will parkour around the house if you allow!  When he does this, you know that he is happy!  Axton has hung out with smaller and similar sized dogs and done well, but bigger dogs make him feel insecure.  With slow introductions to calm, friendly, bigger dogs though, he has made friends.
Axton is just a happy, medium energy boy and is smaller than you think from pictures!  He is generally very quiet in the home, but if he is left for a couple hours or more, or has not had a good walk or play, and he gets bored, he may bark and sing!
Axton would love a fenced in yard to play fetch in, but this is not required as long as he gets in a couple short walks per day.  He is still a work in progress on leash, so please bring lots of treats!  He loves his role as squirrel patrol in his yard and even will oversee the little critters from the window above. When you are going out for a drive and bringing a dog along is a possibility, Axton would love to volunteer.  Being your sidekick in the car or in life would be his dream come true!


  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 7 yrs. 6 mos. old
  • Size: 22lbs
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Good with friendly, smaller dogs.  For bigger dogs he needs a slower introduction.
  • Cats: No, thank you.
  • Kids: 8+ and dog savvy
  • Housing Type: Detached or Townhome-types, but no apartments.
  • Fenced Yard: Ideal.
  • Special:  He is not a candidate for dog parks so if this is important to you, please do not apply.
  • Adoption Fee: $750