Barbara is a spirited and sensitive girl who is eager to bond with her special person. She loves the safety of her crate/den and will make a blanket nest like a pro! She is clever and willing to learn with the help of food. True to her obvious terrier-nature she loves playing with toys, sniffing out treats and chewing on bones.

When she’s overwhelmed she can get ‘stuck’ and shows a less great side of herself (reactive barking indicating too much too soon). She requires a calm, controlled and familiar environment to feel safe and be at her best. Barbara is seeking a companion with some time and patience who would be willing to help her transition into a new routine. Once settled into her home all she will need is a lap, a couch, dog bed/den to snuggle in, fresh water and snacks, and a private fenced yard. She will appreciate and thrive in a small world without surprises or much access outside beyond the safety of her yard.

She will take time to meet new people or welcome any kind of new comers but she is perfectly happy and comfortable to be tucked away minding her own business in her crate when visitors come over.

She has spent a lot of time learning about how to be respectful of personal space (not jump up or rush the door ways), but practice and treats will make this an easy task for her forever home.

She is a very sensitive girl and won’t respond well to anyone who might raise their voice or get too dramatic with her. A small noise/cue is enough for her to hear you with those big beautiful ears. She is an affectionate girl who loves soft pets and snuggles. She’ll get as close to you as possible and under the covers ALWAYS.

A sleeping bag was her personal pick with her foster. She’s a barbie girl and she’ll thrive in her calm and quiet barbie world. Feeding time is best kept engaging and interactive (food dispensing toys, puzzle bowls and training games). Food should also be used when she’s encountering anything new or stimulating, this way she’s earning and burning calories since the rest of the world can be a little too big and new for her.

This girl is looking to chill for the rest of her life while you binge watch shows together, while also learning to be occasionally included in new scenarios – but only a teeny bit at a time. Her small successes are milestones. Her small world means you get to be the “biggest and bestest” thing in it! If you would like to apply to adopt Barbara you can apply online: Please be sure you meet her criteria and are ready to work with a trainer that will support you both in her transition to her new, calm retirement home with you. She is well worth the effort.


  • Breed: Basenji / Bull terrier Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 8 yrs. 6 mos. old
  • Size: Small
  • Colour: White / Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

Dogs: No Cats: No Kids: No Housing Type: Detached Country or Semi-Country home. Please do not apply if you live in a busy city. Fenced in Yard: Required – no neighbouring dogs. An exception can be made for a private country setting and in this case, no fence required as long as she has supervised long line exercise and her person understands she cannot be off leash. Special: Barbara is a RAD (Recovery Adoption Dog). Her trial into a new home may last up to a month and her placement includes 3 in-person or virtual training sessions with a professional trainer if needed. She needs to meet her new person (or couple) a couple of times before placement and needs a calm home life with fewer visitors. We want to set you and Barbara up for success.