Cedric and Selina

Meet Cedric and Selina!
Cedric and Selina came from a kennel-based rescue in Barbados.  They were always overlooked as they were the kind of dogs that were wallflowers, happier to be in the background and away from any attention.  If they could have melted into the periphery, they would have loved to.  They are shy and unsure with new people and even shake in fear when approached.  They truly need time to fall in love and trust but once they do, you become the most special human to these 2 and you make their whole worlds complete.
They’ve come a long way but are still nervous when meeting new people and even more so around children (if only they could tell us what that’s all about!).  They need their person/people to ensure they meet new people at their pace, which means having people ignore them and letting them decide when to engage. They most definitely want to have more friends, human and canine. It might take a few visits, but once they know you and trust you, they are playful, curious and ridiculous love sponges!
Cedric is our handsome boy and the king of expressions. He gives ridiculous side-eye and happy toothy grins when getting belly rubs. He loves hanging outside with his human, happily chewing on a bone taking in the fresh air. He likes to chase after balls and his squeakies. When playing with people, he can get overly excited and start to mouth, but he’s super gentle about it – and is learning to refocus his energy on his stuffie. He’s so very smart and quickly solves doggy puzzles to get to his treats. He’s very social with people he’s comfortable with and will check in with his foster parents for support when feeling unsure.
Selina is our foxy little “affection ferret” who lives for belly rubs and will ferret her way in to get all the attention you will shower on her. She’s a very dextrous girl who is happiest sitting on the couch with you and will use her paws to bring your hands back if you stop petting her for too long! She loves to run and, in time, could make for a good running buddy. Although she is very nervous with new experiences, she is a curious little girl who is eager to please. In the mornings she dances on her hind legs, tail wagging as she and her brother get ready for their walk.
These two are VERY well behaved polite pups who can be left the run of the house without any worry. They will only go into places and onto furniture after being invited (but like vampires, it’s almost impossible to uninvite them!). They will tolerate being crated if you can handle the sad eyes, but prefer to chill out on a comfy couch or their beds. Even though their foster home is the first house they’ve lived in, they’ve had no accidents as they prefer to not mix business with pleasure, if you catch our drift.
Currently they get two walks a day, and a bathroom break mid-day, but can easily and safely be left alone for longer periods of time. They’ve been left alone for up to five hours without any trouble but could easily be fine for longer. They are learning to ask to go out, but it’s important at the start, for their new family to learn their subtle signs.
They know basic commands: sit, stay, wait and come, and are getting better at them every day. They have not had the opportunity to socialize with the other dogs but they were quite social on the island so hopefully once they get more comfortable with new people, they will get to have some canine buddies again! They don’t pay much attention on walks to cats….or apparently to chickens or roosters – which they encountered on walks while on the island.
They’ve come a long way, but still become overwhelmed when there is too much activity or noise (like large groups of people, children who are screaming, buses and large trucks) and they will go out of their way to avoid new items that appear on their walks (like furniture left out on garbage day or construction signs). They are happiest on their early morning walk when most of the neighbourhood is still sleeping and are overjoyed when that walk is in the experimental farm where they get to zip around sniffing on their 20 foot training leads. So early morning and later evening walks are the key to building their confidence.
These two need a dedicated and patient person/people who can help them continue to build their confidence. The key to their hearts is time, space and lots of patience and treats but we know the journey is just as special  and worthwhile as the destination.
If you would like to adopt the 2 loves of your life, please apply online: http://www.sitwithmerescue/cedricandselina


  • Breed: Potcake Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs. 5 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Sure. Please keep reading.
  • Cats: Unknown, so no for now.
  • Kids: Older, dog-savvy and calm teens. They show no aggression, but are overwhelmed with kids.
  • Housing Type: Detached home in a quiet neighbourhood. Rural setting would be awesome.
  • Fenced-in Yard: Required in the city.
  • Special: As a bonded pair, these two pups will need to be adopted together and remain together. Cedric may have environmental allergies that could require medication at specific times in the year.  As we have only had him since June, he has had one bout that has since resolved with apoquel.  Just something to note in case he gets itchy in the future. They are looking for a home within 2 hours of the Ottawa/Gatineau area and any potential adopter will need to commit to coming to Ottawa for a few meet & greets.
  • Adoption fee: $900 for the pair – this will help cover a portion of the flight cost as well as vet care. .  They are on heartworm preventative and tick prevention.  Adopters must commit to keeping their new dog on tick prevention for this season and complete an accuplex test in December (at their cost).