Freddie Mercury

Meet Freddie Mercury, he has the kind of unique quirky persona as the rock star he was named after. Freddie is a very shy guy who is nervous of new things, when he feels safe he is this goofy, playful, hilarious dog that loves to be with his humans.

Freddie requires another dog in the home, he is a very nervous guy who takes all his social cues from other dogs. He loves to play and wrestle with the other dogs in the home. Freddie in Canada has not encountered any cats but while in Barbados he encountered many and was great with them. Due to Freddie’s timid nature we are asking for a home with older children or a child free home. Freddie is nervous of sudden movements, he flees when he gets scared to a safe space in the home. He is wary when his people are standing and moving around. When Freddie’s people are sitting or lying down he will gladly accept scratches and pets, belly rubs are his favorite, he thanks his people with lots of kisses. Freddie is looking for a home that will take things slow, give him the patience that he needs, and uses lots of positive reinforcement with the treat he loves so much…cheese. Freddie is a medium energy dog. Currently the world is too scary for him, he does not go on walks but he loves his zoomies around the backyard. A fenced in yard is required for Freddie. He also really enjoys chewing on Nylabones.

Freddie is crate trained and enjoys spending time in his crate. Freddie is fully potty trained. Freddie is still very much a puppy, sometimes he chews things he shouldn’t like crocs. He is very easily redirected to something that is appropriate to chew on. Freddie also really loves Kongs and toys he has to work towards to get the reward. In the evening Freddie likes to curl up on the couch next to his people and relax. Freddie is a very quiet guy, he occasionally barks when he catches his reflection in a window and gets confused. Freddie does not love the car, he curls into a ball and lies down for the duration of the trip. Freddie is great in his crate and can stay in his crate for 5 hours at a time and overnight.

Freddie Mercury is a fun loving guy who has so much love to give his family. He loves to wake up his foster family by lying on top of mom and giving her kisses. He just wants love and to be included in all things family. Apply at (Version française aussi disponible!)


  • Breed: Potcake Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 11 mos. old
  • Size: Small
  • Colour: Fawn
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes required
  • Cats: Yes
  • Kids: 12+
  • Housing Type: Townhome or Single Family
  • Fenced in yard: Required
  • Special: Freddie is a shy, timid guy. He is looking for a home that will help her continue to build confidence and support her transition into a new home.
  • Adoption Fee: $750, Adopters must commit to keeping their new dog on tick prevention for this season and complete an accuplex test in March at their cost.