Harvest Moon

Harvest started out as a shy guy, but as he gets more used to the world, he is jumping in with all 4 paws more often now!  We think having another pooch around would be really helpful to keep this up too.  He loves saying hello, loves treats, loves to eat, and loves to talk back sometimes too!  He needs to learn gentle when grabbing treats though!
Harvey, as he is also lovingly called, is a character and loves his cuddles.  He will ask for a good cuddle when he comes out of his crate in the morning and then will head outside to do his business and play with the dogs in the home. He is working on his housetraining, but still needs lots of praise to keep it up so regular trips outside are a must!  He is a big fan of toys, but needs durable ones, so he asks that you stock up now, haha.  When he is tired, and he sees you, he will come over and ask to nap with you.  He’s pretty great that way.
Harvest will likely grow up to be a big boy, so we would like to see him with someone, or a family, that will take him to positive reinforcement classes.  This will be beneficial to him and to his new people in his life too.
If you think this lovely boy could be your best bud, please apply: www.sitwithme.ca/harvestmoon


  • Breed: Mixed breed
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 4 mos. old
  • Size: 10kg and growing! Mom was approximately 60lbs but we do not know who the father was.
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes, a friendly dog in the home would be really great (preference given).  If no dog in the home, then the applicant must demonstrate that Harvest will have regular playdates with other dogs.
  • Cats: We suspect he would be fine with a dog savvy cat with slow introductions.
  • Kids: 8+ and dog savvy - he is still grabby in play and for treats.
  • Housing Type: Detached or Townhome.
  • Fenced Yard: Required.
  • Special: Someone home more often that can let the puppy out throughout the day and provide activity.  We are looking for a home within the Ottawa/Gatineau area, willing to travel for the meet and greet.  The pup has some outstanding vetting at our vet in West Ottawa that we are covering and the successful applicant must be willing to travel for this/these specific appointment(s). Preference to applicants willing to attend positive reinforcement training classes.  Please note that the pup is not a candidate for dog parks so if this is essential to you, please do not apply.
  • Adoption fee: $750