Jacob is a typical puppy. He is happy, energetic, and mischievous. He is somewhat cautious in new situations and will look to his people or siblings for reassurance. He is happy to give you a quick cuddle before looking for something to play with or chew on. Currently living with two other dogs, Jake doesn’t mind interacting with his foster sister and brother, but will leave the situation when he just wants some human love.

Due to his age and size, little Jacob is still building up his stamina for walks, but enjoys a couple of short 10-15 minute walks per day. At this stage he much prefers to prowl around in the safety of his backyard. When he is older, he will be able to spend lots of time on any outdoor adventures his people wish to pursue.
Jacob is almost fully potty trained, but still needs to be let out regularly as he is still quite young. Crate training is going well for the little man. He enjoys his meals in his crate and sleeps in his crate at night.
He is still very young and is teething so he needs to be redirected with fun toys and games. For this reason, Jake is looking for a home with no small children. He knows “sit” and almost has “down” mastered. His favourite game is currently tug, and his favourite treat is a frozen Kong! If he has something in his mouth that he shouldn’t, he easily gives it up in exchange for a treat or even just a piece of kibble. He is a fast, keen learner and is highly food-motivated, making training really fun! Jake enjoys playing in the backyard and looking for sticks. He loves sniffing for a handful of kibble tossed in the snow.
Puppy kindergarten would be a hit as it combines his love of his fellow puppies and his ability and willingness to learn new skills. We would love to see Jacob attend positive reinforcement classes to help him become the best pup he can be.
Jake does well during car rides and curls up in his crate for the journey.
He would love a home with another confident dog, but if there is no dog in the home, multiple play dates a week would be excellent for him.


  • Breed: Husky Mix (Manitoba Mix)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 mos. old
  • Size: 16lbs and growing!
  • Colour: White and Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Possibly with a dog-savvy cat
  • Kids: 12+
  • Housing type: Single detached, townhome or country home
  • Fenced-in Yard: Required
  • Special: This pup does have outstanding vetting that is being completed at our clinic in West Ottawa and has an appointment at one of our veterinary partners in Brockville on May 3rd. After this outstanding vetting has been completed, the adopter can attend the clinic of their choice for all future vetting. This puppy is not a candidate for dog parks,so if this is a priority for you, please do not apply.
  • Adoption Fee: $850