Jughead Jones

Jughead is part of our Recovery Adoption Dog Program and will come with training support from our team of experts. Each program is tailored to each individual dog to help ensure successful adoptions. Jughead’s program will be a minimum of 4-6 months with the potential for longer as we continue to navigate and hopefully resolve or manage fully his ongoing health and behaviour issues.

Juggy is a pretty awesome pooch. He is cuddly, ridiculously cute, and sincere in his appreciation for his people and their ability to give him belly rubs. He is all about kisses and celebrations when he sees his people. But please, continue reading as his happiness depends on finding the RIGHT placement.

Jughead is a bit one track minded at times, eager to do what he wants and true to bulldog nature, he will knock ya over on the way. He is a goofy boy and puts on some great comedy routines to impress.

The key thing for Juggy is he needs a calm and predictable life without the excitement of other animals or children. He swears he is a wonderful guy and once you have his love, you will feel like life is awfully wonderful. When it comes to other animals, he is just not at ease and will struggle to control their excitement levels, always over-correcting them unfairly. He can be confrontational in his corrections and while in his mind, he feels this is his obligation to make the world goes round, the easiest solution is to just avoid other animals. This is an absolute necessity for Jughead.

Jughead wants to be a part of everything his person is doing and will be your absolute best buddy if you will allow him to play a part. An adult only home with some who works from home is ideal. A fenced in yard where he can interact with his person without the stimulation of neighbouring animals would be fantastic. He can enjoy walks but really loves his playtime and interaction with his person best.

Medically, Jughead is still working out his gastrointestinal issues. He underwent a blockage removal surgery and has since been having trouble gaining weight and staying regular. These issues are being medically managed but have not completely resolve. Furthermore, our training team has noted some neurological-type behaviours (spinning and light chasing) for which we are seeking a Neurologist’s medical opinion.

This is why we are seeking a sanctuary type solution for this hunk, so we can continue to help level out his symptoms while also giving him a chance at falling in love and getting used to his new life. This is also why someone home more often is ideal, so he can be let out when needed and monitored fairly regularly. He is clean in the home and will ask to go out, but struggles when crated and requires an indestructible crate (provided).

Anyone who meets Jughead in a calm setting falls immediately in love. He does have some life management needs to be happy, but he is truly hoping someone who is a fan of the bulldog type personality will see that he is worth it all.

If you feel you could give Jughead the life he needs, please fill out an application at www.sitwithme.ca/foster


  • Breed: Bulldog Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs. 11 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: No
  • Cats: No
  • Kids: No thanks!
  • Housing Type: Detached housing
  • Fenced in yard: Ideal but not required
  • Special Needs (please read carefully): Jughead has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and anxiety which often go hand in hand. These two conditions together makes it challenging to keep either at bay as one condition often exasperates the other. Along with a special diet, Juggy requires steroid medication from time to time to keep his gut happy. He is also on anti-anxiety medication to help reduce his overall anxiety which in turn helps prevent IBD flare ups. He also suffers from seasonal allergies which are well managed with medication. Recently, Juggy has exhibited some neurological symptoms which are exasperated by changes in his environment and/or routine. As such, we are seeking a long term foster to adopt placement for Jughead so we can continue to support his forever home while we help regulate his medical issues. A person who works from home or who is home more often is required.