Leo loves his daily walks, his time with his person and enjoys safe outdoor spaces to run.  Because of this, we would love to see him with a fenced in yard or a country setting where he can run on a lunge line until his recall is solid.  He can have dog walking buddies, and is happy to bark hello to newcomers on the property.  Unfortunately, he is not keen on sharing his space, or other resources with dogs and as such will not be placed in a home with other animals. He does hate being left and will make quite a fuss so someone home more often would be so wonderful, though he can last a workday.   He is crate trained and settles well in the home when his person and he have had a good workout together 🙂

He is a smart boy and we would love to see him in a country home that will continue his training and exercise him appropriately.  Without structure, Leo can become insecure which translates into being uncomfortable with new people. A home with power breed experience or one that can dedicate to working with a trainer is required!

If Leopold sounds lke a match for you, apply at www.sitwithme.ca/leopold


  • Breed: American Pitbull Terrier Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs. 5 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Brown / White / Brindle
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: No, thank you.
  • Cats: No, thank you.
  • Kids: No, thank you. Fine to meet out and about.
  • Housing Type: Detached only.  No attached housing.  A country setting would be ideal.
  • Fenced in yard: Required if in the city.  If in the country, no fence required as long as supervised while outside (on a long line).
  • Special Needs: Leopold requires a calm life.  He is ideal in a home with a single person that will provide structure and routine.  He is in our Recovery Adoption Dog (RAD) program and his adopters will receive 3 training sessions to help with his transition.
  • IMPORTANT: Leopold requires a home outside of Ontario and in areas without Breed Specific Legislation.  Please ensure that his breed is safe in your municipality before applying.  A meet and greet at his foster's home is required (she is in the Ottawa/Gatineau area).