Hi!  My name is Lou-Lou! Not too long ago I ended up in the shelter and was very very skinny.  I had something called EPI that caused me not to absorb my food which meant I could not maintain my weight and I constantly had digestive upset.  That is likely why I was surrendered.  Another side effect was that I was starving all of the time, despite eating everything and it caused me to be grumpy and guard my treats and toys.  I was pretty miserable and things were not looking good for me. But thankfully Sit With Me had experience with this scary illness and they knew the sweet girl that loved everyone was still in there.  My behaviour was a part of my illness.  They luckily found my foster mom who has been beyond amazing to me.  Because I was so out of sorts at the shelter, they chose a pet-free and kid-free foster home to get me back on track.   I have gained my lost weight back and I am feeling so much better.  I will need to be on the medication for life though.

My foster mom and I go for a couple of 30 minute walks a day.  But I could do more if she wanted.  In fact my foster mom jokes that I am the reason she lost a few extra pandemic pounds that she put on, haha.  So if you are looking for a dedicated walking buddy, I would love to take that job on!  I also really love playing fetch and I think a fenced in yard to play it regularly with you would be fantastic. I am friendly meeting people and kids and even dogs too, but I have not had any pets in my home so I think if someone had a dog, we should do slow introductions and keep resources out of reach.  I would also absolutely need to be fed separately and not have access to the other dog’s food or treats since this can make me ill.I am 95% house trained but if I am not let out regularly, I may have an accident.  I also still need support on crating/separation in the home when you leave.  When left loose and you leave, I get anxious and make have an accident, but am not destructive.  I usually go on a pee pad too.  Being in my crate helps keep me clean though which I don’t mind when you are home at all and go in willingly.  I guess I just hate being left which makes sense now, because with the pandemic, being home with my foster a lot was so nice.  We are working on this though!

A residual side effect of falling so ill is that I still can sometimes guard new toys/beds.  This is easily managed by ensuring I stay off of furniture, and that if I start doing it again that you lead me away from the object with a trade for something better.  Taking things away from me if I start to guard them is not the way to go, but trading for a yummy treat and talking to me nicely has helped a lot.  I am a love bug and adore you, so don’t think this means anything bad.  I just need some management.  This is not much of an issue anymore, but it may pop up again, so that is why if you adopt me, there is a training support session provided!

I am a sweet girl, but I need the right home and support to be the best girl I can be.  I am not perfect for everyone, but maybe I could be perfect for you?  If you want a sweet and energetic babe like me in your life, apply to adopt me at www.sitwithme.ca/lou-lou.


  • Breed: Australian Shepherd/Husky mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 6 yrs. 2 mos. old
  • Size: Medium - 22kgs
  • Colour: Tan and white
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: We think so, but she has not lived with a dog in our care.  A home willing to do slow introductions would be needed.
  • Cats: unknown.
  • Kids: While she is friendly meeting kids, we think older teens and up home only.
  • Housing Type: Townhome, Detached or Country.
  • Fenced-in Yard: Ideal, she would sooooo very much love this!  An active owner that can take her on adventures too and maybe even work up her stamina for runs would be great.
  • Special: Lou-Lou has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which is a syndrome that is characterized by a lack of effective pancreatic exocrine to help breakdown and absorb her food.  She will need to be on Creon 10 (a helpful replacement enzyme) for life at a cost of about $55-60 per month.  This can be obtained via prescription at your local pharmacy.  This does mean that using treats more than one small one a day can cause digestive upset.  LouLou would love someone home more often, even just for a midday walk.  LouLou also has some very, very occasional resource guarding issues that her new family must be okay with managing by trading her toy for a treat. We are looking for her forever home to live within an hour of Ottawa or if you are a little further out but willing to come to Ottawa for a meet and greet and to continue her outstanding vet care with our vet clinic in Kanata, that would be okay too. Once her outstanding vetting we are covering the cost of is complete, you can switch her to your vet clinic.
  • Adoption fee: $550.  This will include a training support session with our trainer if one is needed within the first 2 weeks of transitioning to her new home.