Luna is a sweet girl who is dedicated to loving her people. She lives to love and loves to play! This jumping bean came all of the way from Barbados in hopes of finding a wonderful family to call her own. She is cute as can be but also has a wee pinch of mischief mixed in and will ensure you keep your laundry in the hamper and shoes away or she will re-design them for you, haha. This semi-busy girl does need 2 20-minute walks daily and very much requests some fetch play in the yard. Yes, this beauty is also a fan of fetch! Win-win!

Currently, she is in a pet-free home and doing well, but has been introduced slowly to other dogs and loves to play. She has a rude approach though, and is not a keen fan of sharing toys or food resources, so any home with other pets would need to keep resources separate to avoid issues initially. She has met cats and does try to play… so dog-savvy is a must. Luna sleeps in her crate currently with little fuss, though before bedtime, her ritual includes a lot of lovely cuddles with her people. She is a huge fan of cuddles! While we believe Luna would be fine in a home where people work away from the home during the week, she would very much appreciate a midday walk.

When Luna first arrived, she struggled a bit, trying to figure out housetraining, walking on a leash and living in a home with a schedule. Her fosters gave her time to decompress and did not overwhelm her with the world. They also provided a clear routine and reasonable expectations. The crate was a big help to give Luna a great space to learn independence. Luna will need the same down-time while she gets to know her people and new routine. A calm or semi-calm home would be great, but a busy and on-the-go family might be too stimulating. Luna is catching on to house training, but will need continued support and supervision to ensure this continues in a new home (read: Regular outside breaks and lots of treats!). She will also need some work on her leash skills, as she believes chasing cars is a good idea. Bringing high valued treats and working in an area with fewer cars is the best way to reinforce a calmer state of mind. As you guessed it, positive reinforcement and praise goes a very long way for this super loving gal.

Luna is energetic, beautiful, eager to please and has enough silliness to keep you smiling even on cloudy days. If she is the sunshine you have been looking for, apply for her here:


  • Breed: Potcake Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs. 9 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Cream
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Similar sized, playful and tolerant dogs only. She can be too exuberant for some and does require proper introductions.
  • Cats: Yes, dog savvy and MUST be tolerant of interactions.
  • Kids: 10+ and dog savvy! Luna can be bouncy and mouthy when excited.
  • Housing Type: Townhome, Single Detached or Country.
  • Fenced Yard: Required! She needs it to run! Special: Luna is seeking a home within 2 hours or less of the Ottawa/Gatineau area and her adopters will be required to come to Ottawa for a meet and greet.
  • Adoption fee: $750 – this will help cover a portion of the flight cost as well as the preventative medication. She is spayed, vaccinated, on heartworm (6 months) and tick prevention (3 months), and microchipped. She has also been accuplex tested (heartworm and tick disease test). Adopters must commit to keeping their new dog on tick prevention for this season and repeat an accuplex test in December with their vet to qualify for adoption.