Mouch is a lover. He is a big-headed and fun-loving goof ball, but he lacks some IQ points, despite all that space up there. He bounces and beams with happiness but is unfortunately also considered quite rude in his approach to love. He’s also demanding in his need to be loved, and so Mouch is also a mooch for smooches. Sadly he has not had a lot of training, and does need someone with patience to work with him and get him bully bravado into a societal range of acceptance! He needs work on his leash walking skills, his greeting people and other dogs skills, his selective-listening, his size-recognition skills, but he does have the being-super-cute, cuddling and napping-after-a-good-day-of-exercise skills down pat! Guess you could say he is a bit of the stereotypical bull(dog) in a china shop!

Mouch can be lazy, but this only comes after he is exercised. He needs a good hour or more of exercise per day. While he works on his leash skills, he should ideally be exercised in a fenced in yard. He loves his walks but initially is over-excited and mouthy, so his adoption will come with a professional one-on-one training session to start you both off on the right foot. He could even eventually be a decent jogging buddy for an active person once his stamina is built up (avoid hot days of course, due to his breed). The fenced in yard is kind of a must as he really needs this safe outlet daily. He is rude meeting dogs, even if he really just wants to wrestle, and does not take cues correctly when he is told play time is over, so while he loves hanging with dogs (read: horsing around constantly) we think he might be a bit annoying for most dogs. His over-excitement will get better with training and as he matures and learns better options. He is housetrained and does well crated for a work day as long as he is exercised before and after. He is quite food motivated and takes treats gently. He really needs any new home to understand and take this next part seriously: DO NOT MAKE HIM WALK IN PUDDLES, PLEASE!

Mouch enjoys keeping his family safe from stuffies and toys that he deems threatening and he will stop at nothing to make sure they do not live another day. Due to this, we advise that only super durable toys be part of his life. He does have a little sheep toy he loves to cuddle with on the sofa. He also enjoys watching tv with you, and loves watching border patrol… What a goof. This very happy boy deserves a loving home with stability and lots of available laps and available patience. He also needs a little extra space to gallop around like the elephant that he is and play. A bully-savvy home or someone willing to learn is a must. We just know this guy will make someone super happy out there!


  • Breed: American Bulldog Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs. 2 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: He's too excited to live with them right now and would want to wrestle all of the time. He is unaware of his size.
  • Cats: Super dog savvy only. He is so excited (friendly though) so would need slow introductions to avoid him accidentally hurting them.
  • Kids: Ideally 12+ and dog savvy.
  • Housing type: Townhome or Detached homes only. He is also okay in a lowest level condo type situation but he is so loud when he gallops around, he will disturb lower tenants.
  • Fenced in yard: For your sanity, yes please!
  • Special Needs: Due to his bully-esque features, he is looking for a home in Ottawa or an area without Breed Specific Legislation (Outside of Ontario works too!) His breed label does not fall under breed specific legislation, but due to the subjectiveness of enforcement, we want to keep him safe. Downtown life might be too busy for his current training level. Mouch's adoption includes a professional one-on-one leash training session to get him and his people off to a great start!