Mountain is part of our Recovery Adoption Dog (RAD) program and will come with a 1 month comprehensive training support program that has been curated to the dog’s needs. Adopters must be willing to fully participate in the training program and as such, the adoption fee once the training program has begun, is non-refundable.  The training program is administered through our training partners at Pet-Intel.


Mountain is a clunky, goofy and sensitive guy. He is curious and likes to explore new environments with his nose and his paws. He’s a young guy who is looking for direction and reassurance. He is handsome and powerful with a ‘bulldog’ type mind that leads him to have some guarding tendencies if left to his own devices.  He is eager to engage and highly biddable once he has engaged his thinking brain! Mountain does suffer from difficulties when alone or more commonly known as ‘separation anxiety’. Considering his power and tenacity this will need to be a major consideration for an individual considering adding Mountain to their home. They will need a secured room or indestructible crate for times alone. This will require on-going management and training at least for the first year in a new home.  He is currently on a medication protocol to support him in the process.


Mountain is a social guy and means no harm when meeting new people. He can however be ‘a bit too much’ initially. Considering this and his barrier guarding, it is best for Mountain to be tethered, leashed or crated when first meeting new people, and never allowed to greet people at the perimeter of the house or the yard.


Mountain is a very drooly guy and can make a real mess when eating and drinking. He is a playful dude and can entertain himself by tossing toys, searching for treats and chewing quietly. He has demonstrated some excellent social skills with a number of female dogs. He is still what we call ‘dog selective’. On-leash, Mountain can become very frustrated and reactive; therefore, a fenced yard and long-line explorations in private areas are the best way to exercise this fella.  A country life is the ideal.


If you believe you can be dedicated to Mountain’s well being and you meet his needs, please complete an application online  Be sure to include why you feel you are the right match for Mountain.  Only successful applicants will be contacted to begin the adoption process.


  • Breed: Mastiff / Bulldog Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs. 1 mo. old
  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Tan/ White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Non-confrontational, friendly and similar sized female dogs only or pet-free is great too.
  • Cats: No, thank you.
  • Kids: No.  Please do not apply if you are considering kids in your future.
  • Housing Type: Detached home required.
  • Fenced Yard: Required.
  • Special: Due to the support our RAD dogs require as they transition to their adoptive homes, we will only consider applications within 2 hours of the Ottawa / Gatineau area.
  • Important: Mountain is an anxious dog and requires daily medication to help make life way less overwhelming.  This may or may not be something that he needs for life and to help him in that goal, he does need a calm home life and neighbourhood.  He cannot be in the hustle and bustle and so a country-ish home with fewer visitors is the ideal.  He requires an indestructible crate in his new home to start as he adjusts to being loose in a room. We can lend the crate during the trial but this must be returned to us for the next sensitive guy that comes along.  We will consider homes outside of the Ottawa area, so long as the adopters are willing to travel to Ottawa for meet and greets, as a few will be needed prior to his placement. Experience with Bulldogs/Mastiffs is a big plus.