Naomi is an energetic little girl that loves her doggy foster brother and friendly dogs she meets.  She has come so far from when she first came into the rescue. She was so shy meeting people and would hide, but her curiosity quickly came through and with work she has blossomed.  She continues to be shy with strangers, but she can be won over by offers of treats and will very gently take them from the new person’s hand.

Naomi is a jumping bean when she sees her people first thing in the morning and will rebound off furniture in excitement.  Her energy pours over to her foster brother who is much older and tolerates her puppy energy, so a patient and playful dog in the home would do best with Naomi. She is very food motivated and we are working on basic commands, but a family that can continue with positive reinforcement dog training would be highly recommended.

Naomi has come so far with her house-training and almost never has an accident; she is crate trained.  Naomi can stay in her crate without any accident for 8 hours a day but ideally will get a break for a walk.  Naomi does not bark very much, but on occasion barks at people she is unfamiliar with when surprised by them.  In the evenings Naomi is a cuddle bug and happily will snuggle by your lap or with the other furry family members.  She is the sweetest little ball of energy that would make an active family happy.

Preference will be given to a home that will continue with positive reinforcement training or dog training.

Do you think Naomi is the right fit for you?


  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 yr. 1 mo. old
  • Size: 8kgs
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes Please – Active and friendly, please.
  • Cats: Unknown.
  • Kids: 8+ and dog savvy.
  • Housing type: Any with direct access to outside
  • Fenced-in Yard: Preferred
  • Special: Naomi is not a candidate for public dog parks, please do not apply if this is important to you. We are also looking for a home in or around the Ottawa area. Naomi is Ehrlichia positive (tick borne disease) and is not symptomatic - full urine and blood tests have been done to ensure no treatment is required.  She will require tick preventative so be sure to budget for this!
  • Only matched applicants will be contacted.
  • Adoption Fee: $850