Rayven is part of our Recovery Adoption Dog (RAD) program and will come with a 1 month training support program that will help set her and her adopters up for success. Adopters must be willing to participate in the training program. The adoption fee once the training program has begun, is non-refundable. The training program is administered through our training partners at Pet-Intel.

Rayven showed up at the shelter and was hurt and thin after being caught running loose. Initially she barked at everyone in the shelter, but with a few treats and a bit of patience, this girl showed us she wanted to make friends. We also recognize that her approach to most new things is to bark first and then if treats are involved, to investigate second. The great thing is once she loves, she loves SO much. Like she was saving all of her love just for you. Affection is definitely her strong point so long as you can outlast her initial barking and provide her with treats! Rayven is also a very quick learner and absorbs a lot from her environment so a relaxed home life with calm energy is a must. She is super motivated and aims to please so continued work on her confidence will really help this little lady.

Rayven goes with the flow. Her tail is almost always wagging happily in the home. She is happy to go for a run, play a ton, go for a drive (her fave!) or watch movies for the day. Of course, she does need her exercise, but thankfully she is not too crazy on days when just a little play in the yard is all you can gather. Of note, Rayven really struggles on leashed walks as the world is too overwhelming. She works herself up quite a bit and barks at most things that have the audacity to move, and because not every stranger, wind-blown tree or dog wants to approach her with treats, we have set up her exercise routine in a fenced in yard. Walking on leash will be a work in progress and must be done with training support. This means that she might never be a great candidate for city leashed walks as they are just too stimulating and stressful for her. We do believe country leashed walks will be much nicer and less stressful for her and her people though. So if you live in the city you must have a fenced in yard with space enough for Rayven to run. Rayven initially barked at the neighbouring noises and dogs while in her yard, but this has calmed quite a bit. Routine and positive reinforcement really go such a long way with this black beauty.

She is good left loose for short periods in the house and would be okay with someone who is away from the home for half-days or only a couple of times a week. But please, if you are going to Tim’s drive thru for a treat, she wants to come along. Due to this repetitive happy event, she is very happy to go and say hello now! This is why we believe with positive reinforcement, this girl really can shine once she is used to a situation.

We know Rayven won’t be right dog for every home out there, but we know she will be such a wonderful match for the right home for her. She is much loved by anyone who takes the time to meet her, and she really does love the people in her world so much. If you have the right setup to set Rayven up for success and she sounds like the love you have been looking for, apply here: http://www.sitwithme.ca/rayven


  • Breed: Labrador Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs. 2 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: No, though we think she could be okay with a calm and well balanced dog to help her with her insecurity. If you are dedicated to meet and greets and slow introductions, we would consider another dog in the home.
  • Cats: No, thank you.
  • Kids: Teens and up and dog savvy please!
  • Housing Type: Detached, country setting ideal or calm neighbourhood.
  • Fenced Yard: Required in the city.
  • Special: Rayven is fear reactive but does very much want to make friends. She would benefit from someone home more often, working half days, or only a couple of days outside of the home. As Rayven will need at least one meet and greet, we are only looking for a home within 2 hours of Ottawa/Gatineau and someone willing to drive to Ottawa to meet her.