Hi, my name is Ronda. My favourite things to do are; sleep on your pillow, stare out the window, eat and I like a good play session of chase or fetch. I am quite lazy most of the time. I don’t need long walks as I really prefer to play fetch with a stick. I sometimes get the zoomies and my humans think it is the funniest thing. I really like those stinky little humans. They are so cute; I can’t help but kiss them all over and make them giggle. I also love having another K9 in the house but I am a little picky. I need a slow proper introduction and a dog who understands my body language. I like to be the princess of the house and I do NOT like to share my food or toys. I need a sibling who understands that. I also don’t like dogs who bark when they play. That makes me very anxious and I feel they are being mean.

I really hated being left alone. I required an indestructible crate until the rescue and amazing veterinarians found the perfect pill to help ease my anxiety. I take a pill once a day and I am A Okay left home alone. In new situations, I will require some patience as I learn a new routine but I promise I will get there. I can be very vocal when crated. I need to be in a crate when my humans leave because I get bored and anxious and eat anything and everything. It just isn’t safe for me.

The best part of everyday is when my human gets home. I get so excited; I can’t help but talk their ear off, bounce around and give them some face kisses. Once I tell them how much I’ve missed them, I can relax and I like to listen about how exciting their day was. I enjoy watching my humans cook dinner. I’ll lie on my bed or make sure I catch anything they drop so they don’t have to sweep it up.

I require a special diet. I need a hydrolyzed vegetarian diet due to my allergies. You can get it through my vet or which ever one you decide to see. This means I require special treats made with only fruit or you can just give me real fruit. I won’t say no to ANY kind of food but my preferred fruit treats are bananas and avocado, YUM! In the summer, I sometimes require this special pink pill to help with my seasonal allergies. They work wonders.


  • Breed: American Pitbull Terrier Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 6 yrs. 9 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes, dogs of the same energy, laid back and/or quiet players
  • Cats: No
  • Kids: Yes, 6+ due to size
  • Housing type:  Detached housing
  • Fenced in yard: Preferred
  • Special needs: Anxiety but managed with medication, seasonal allergies, special diet. ***Due to my breed, I must be adopted outside of Ontario and cities with breed-specific legislation.