Sancia is the best little friend you never knew you needed.  If you need to feel loved, she’s got you covered.  Feeling like no one truly sees or understands you sometimes?  She’s always there to listen.  Do you sometimes wish you had a friend that is always up for movie watching, long chats and belly rubs (that last one might be a bit awkward with human friends…)?   Well, Sancia is first in line and will never judge!

Sancia’s only flaw is she can be a little too enthusiastic in her love for you sometimes and forgets her manners!  She is working on not jumping up and giving you a little space.  She is super-duper ready for cuddles, day or night, and is a dream in her crate while you are out of the home or at bedtime.  She does need to work a little on her leash skills (she just loves to say hello all of the time and reminding you she loves you) so the walking part gets in her way, haha.  She could manage a full work day, but would also be very happy to live with a retired person or couple.

We just fell head over heels getting to know her and as long as you can embrace her sweet enthusiasm for being loved, we know you will, too!


  • Breed: Mixed breed
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs. old
  • Size: 22lbs
  • Colour: Brindle
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes, to friendly and playful dogs please!
  • Cats: Unknown, but she would likely play so must be dog savvy!
  • Kids: 8+ and dogs savvy.  Only because she likes to jump up sometimes when excited.  Like a bouncing jumping bean!
  • Housing Type: Any as long as she has a private yard space at least.
  • Fenced Yard: Yes please, but not required.
  • Special: Sancia has Ehrlichia (common tick borne illness).  She has no symptoms, but is being treated proactively due to her bloodwork and urinalysis showing this is the best course of action for her.   We will be covering cost of a blood test once she is done her medication to ensure all is well.  We are looking for a home in or around the Ottawa area that can travel for her outstanding medical appointments to our vet (all of which is covered by us).  Our dogs are not candidates for dog parks, so if these are important to you, please do not apply.

Only matched applications will be contacted.

  • Adoption fee: $750