Cutie patootie Scott is ready to share his love and excitement with his new family! This big, goofy boy is looking for an experienced dog owner who can continue working on his training. Scott has made incredible progress in the last little while – he still has bursts of energy, but overall just likes to chill on his bed most of the day! He is getting very good at basic obedience and will benefit from his new family keeping his existing tether system in place inside the home when meeting new human friends. He gets excited easily with new friends, but has worked hard on containing his excitement and learning to get treats and pets only when he is calm and keeps 4 paws on the ground. Scott is very silly and absolutely loves his toys, especially if his humans will play tug with him! He does well with short interactions to give him time to reset his energy in between play sessions. He also likes to play hide and seek, catch, and fetch (provided there are two balls).

Scott is quite selective about other canine friends, and can be vocal when passing some dogs on walks. He wouldn’t be a great dog park candidate because of this. We would ideally like to see Scott as the only dog in his new home but with controlled introductions, he has made canine friends outside of his home. Scott is a no-go for kitties so please don’t apply if you have a cat or want to get a feline in the future.

Scott is considered more on the high energy side when he has his bursts of energy, but responds well to distractions and redirections when needed. He doesn’t require a ton of long walks as long as his people provide him with plenty of interactive play. This pooch would love lots of fun and durable toys in his home as he is often found walking around with a ball or rope toy in his mouth.

Scott can be pretty strong while on leash so a harness is required to make walks more enjoyable for all involved. He doesn’t love walking in the rain or falling snow, so may need some encouragement in those situations. Recently, Scott has shown improvement responding to “heel”, although often gets distracted by all the fun sights and smells on walks. He would be a great candidate for loose leash walking workshops!

This kiddo is fully house trained and excellent in his crate. He is easily left for a full work day as long as he is provided with proper exercise. Scott is mostly quiet in the home so we feel he could live in attached housing. He wouldn’t be a great candidate for an extremely dog-populated apartment building due to him being selective about his dog friends, but a quieter building or condo would be okay. Scott is also good in the car!


  • Breed: American Bully
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 7 yrs. 8 mos. old
  • Size: 65 lbs
  • Colour: Red / White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: He can be selective when making canine friends (read more below)
  • Cats: No
  • Kids: 12+ and dog-savvy
  • Housing type: Most home types okay but no busy apartment buildings please
  • Fenced-in yard: Would be nice but not required
  • Special: Scott suffers from both environmental and food based allergies. He is eating a vet-prescribed and is receiving Cytopoint injections every 8-10 weeks (approx $200 / injection) Scott requires daily thyroid medication. Scott is also on Trazodone and Zylkene (anti-anxiety medications) to help him regulate his energy but these medications could potentially be weaned off once he has settled into his new home and under the direction of a Veterinarian.
  • Adoption Fee: $550