Semi-Sonic, while a beautiful boy, is insecure when you first meet him and needs a supportive adoptive family that understand his needs. When he first meets someone new, he sometimes barks and will need a bit of time to make a new 2-legged friend. These interactions should only occur once Sonic has a good bond with his new people and with lots of treats to help. And we are hoping he can be adopted to a home that does not have a ton of visitors as this can be overwhelming for him.

Sonic is good with most dogs and LOVES to play! He is not a fan of intact males but seems to love everyone else.  When his foster siblings don’t want to play, he can be found emptying the toy box and playing with all the toys on his own. When he gets excited, like the big puppy he is, he can be mouthy with his people. He also is a jumper – a very paw-oriented pup! His new home will need to work with him in positive ways to get him to make more appropriate choices. Due to his insecure nature, we do not recommend he lives with young kids.

Sonic can be quite annoying with the cat in his foster home, he is not aggressive but loves to chase her. But he has developed a bromance with the new kitten.  They play all the time!  If you have a very dog-savvy cat or a young playful kitten, with a bit of time, Sonic will make friend.  Having a dedicated space where your cat can escape for timeouts is recommended.

Once comfortable, this guy is a cuddle bug! If you are on the sofa, he will be next to you. He does suffer from mild separation anxiety and would like to have someone that is home more often. He is crated when no one is home but likes to sing while crated. Because of that, he cannot live in attached housing. He is also a bit whiny in the car but doing much better than when he first got into rescue.

Sonic will need regular ear cleaning, but he does let his foster clean them without any fuss. He knows the basic commands like sit and down but could benefit from obedience classes to solidify the commands and bond with his new person. Classes could also help build his confidence and realize the world is full of nice treat-giving people.  He is food motivated and is eager to learn.

If Semi-Sonic sounds like a good match for your home, please apply at


  • Breed: Rottweiler / Labrador Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 10 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black/ Brindle
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes Please!! (Priority will be given to applicants with a well-balanced dog in the house)
  • Cats: Possibly, keep reading
  • Kids: 12 + and dog savvy, please.
  • Housing: Detached only. This boy can sing.
  • Special requirement: Sonic has some fear-based behaviour and we would like to see his person work with a positive-based trainer or sign up for training classes. We are happy to suggest a trainer and can use $50 of his adoption fee towards the session or classes. He would also love someone home more often and who can continue to help him appreciate alone time too.