Taffy is a sweet and beautiful girl, full of puppy energy but also very smart.  This extreme intelligence has landed her in rescue as she needs the right people by her side to keep her happy and fulfilled.  Her cute looks and sweet demeanor are easy to fall for, but know she will happily outwit you!  She is an exceptional pup to watch work through problem solving and we feel she could excel in sports such as scenting or agility with the right motivation. She would definitely love to work with her new person and show off her smarts in a way that works both her body and her brain!
Taffy enjoys walking with and being around dogs but she has the issue of not wanting to share resources and gets offended easily in her home.  We wish we could explain to her that sharing is caring, but this super model mensa-like dog is just not interested.  So of course, we want to set any adopter up for success and we will transition her to a new home with a coaching session from a profession trainer to get you both off on the right paw! 
If you feel this bright-eyed and bright-minded beauty is right for you, please complete a foster form here: https://sitwithme.ca/foster-form/


  • Breed: Collie Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 yr. 5 mos. old
  • Spayed/Neutered: No
  • Stage:

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Okay to walk with but needs a dog free home
  • Cats: No thanks!
  • Kids: 8+ and dog savvy
  • Housing: Detatched
  • Fenced Backyard: Preferred
  • Special Needs: Taffy is available to foster-to adopt! Taffy is on medication to help her manage her anxiety when left and she is doing very well with it! She does need to be crated when left.  Someone home more often would be super nice, she thinks.  Taffy comes with a canine coaching session with a professional trainer to ensure a happy transition whether going to a foster or foster-to-adopt home. Her foster-to-adoption includes a month-long trial prior to the adoption being finalized.