Tux is the Archie Bunker of dogs: older, opinionated, set in his ways (read: stubborn) and can be a bit moody (will display poor behaviours when in a bad mood, usually at night) .  Tux can also be the George Clooney of dogs: charismatic, cute and smart.  He is not one-dimensional, and like most Chihuahuas, seems to sometimes be a bit of a mystery.  He would do best with a one person owner in a calm home.

Truth be told though, he is easy to fall for once you get to know him.  His fosters are actually quite dedicated and love the little bug quite a bit.  They wrote up his foster form with tears. But Tux is not the right forever dog for their life and so they hope he can find a home that will be patient and learn to love the little guy as much as they do!

Highlights about Tux:
– when his people get home, Tux rolls out the red carpet and makes sure they know how very much he has missed him.
PRO: A good workout for a semi-lazy Tux.
CON: This often leads his people to feel more important than they actually are.

– he is not a big fan of other animals and so you will only need one pet.
PRO: Reduce vet care, feeding, grooming and other costs often associated in a multi-pet hpusehold.
CON: Friends probably won’t be able to bring their pets over for a visit often (could be a PRO depending on the friend).

– he is small and cute and has a complicated personality.
PRO: You could spend your days trying to figure him out and would learn a lot about doggy behaviour.
CON: His small stature and his good looks will cause you to swoon in times when holding your ground is important.

–  he has a love-hate relationship with exercise
PRO: Spirit animal?
CON: If his day starts out on the love side of exercise, and it switches over part way through the walk, you will be carrying him home…  on the plus, for you, bigger biceps?

– He likes to catch flies
PRO: Less flies in the home.
CON: Crunchy sounds are kind of off-putting while you are eating.

– At night, Tux truly prefers to be left alone and settle in for the evening without you.
PRO: He will very early on help establish boundaries with anyone that has separation anxiety from him.
CON: He is not going to protect you from the monsters under your bed.

All fun aside, Tux is a special Chihuahua that requires a dedicated owner.  Tux is not always a happy camper and has snapped and nipped when unhappy in the past.  In his past, this was clearly how he communicated and while we have been working with him to try to change his outlook, we also hope to find a patient and loving forever home that will give Tux the time and space he needs to reduce his need to react out of frustration and switch over to a language of love.

If you are looking for perfection in a petite dog, we already know Tux is not your guy. And while we know that not everyone will be in a position to welcome a dog like Tux into their home, we know the right person is out there waiting for a not-too-needy, very smart, selectively-hearing, playful Chihuahua to share their life with.


  • Breed: Chihuahua Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 7 yrs. 1 mo. old
  • Size: Small
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs/Cats: No.  He is uncomfortable around most dogs/cats.
  • Kids: No, thank you.
  • Housing Type: He does bark at noises and so apartments would not be ideal.
  • Fenced Yard: Would be nice but not required.
  • Special Needs: Supplements for joint care would be great.