Special little Zep is looking for a soft place to land for his golden years. This senior chi came back to care recently and was diagnosed with a health condition that was affecting his behaviour. Since starting on medication, Zep is much happier and is doing really well. Zeppelin suffers from partial seizures which cause him to have tremors in his legs and body. He is fully aware during the tremors and they usually resolve within a few minutes. Zeppelin is on an anti-seizure medication that has helped reduce the severity and frequency of the tremors and will need to stay on this medication for the rest of his life.


Zeppelin is a very quirky fellow. He is very much a companion dog and wants to be anywhere his people are. He loves bum scratches and going for walks and will happily explore outside for hours. Zeppy has been working hard on doggy training to make him a more confident gentleman. He has a tendency to alert to strange or unseen noises. With reassurance, he is learning that not everything is so scary. He also tends to bark when his foster mom leaves the house. Through some hard work, Zeppy is learning to settle shortly after being left alone. But for these reasons, Zeppelin would be best suited to a detached home where barking won’t be an issue. Zeppelin has learned some key commands such as sit, stay, come, give paw and quiet. He is food motivated and eager to learn which makes training very easy. He’s extremely gentle when accepting treats. Zeppelin is a little particular with his interactions – he will politely ask to be pet when he wants the interaction, and does best when asked to be picked up. He will require someone who is willing to build trust and interact slowly to foster a relationship.


Zeppelin enjoys going for walks regardless of the weather. In the winter, he is happy to put on a warm sweater and galavant in the snow. He will happily trot in the rain and loves warmer weather where he can take time to relish in all the smells. Zeppelin is a little particular about his interactions with dogs. He prefers dogs in similar size to himself and tends to get nervous around larger dogs. He is polite on a leash with dogs he is familiar with, but can become vocal when passing other on leash dogs he doesn’t know. He has had minimal interactions in an off leash environment, but with slow interactions and positive reinforcement, he could become more comfortable. Zeppelin does enjoy his kitty foster sibling and would do well in a home with a dog savvy cat.


Zeppelin is both house and crate trained. Zeppelin came to his foster home displaying a few different behavioural challenges. Zeppy had severe separation anxiety and would bark relentlessly when left alone. With some hard work and training, Zeppelin has learned to settle shortly after his people leave. Zeppelin also displayed fear reactivity in the form of barking tendencies towards a lot of things. If he was scared enough, he would lunge and snap at the perceived threat. Through positive reinforcement and a lot of reassurance, Zeppy is becoming more confident and is learning how to appropriately remove himself from stressful and scary situations. For these reasons, Zep is best suited to a home that will continue with his training and with people who understand that it will take time to build trust and confidence in his new home. Zeppelin would do best in a quiet home and although he has experience living with a 7 year old, his ideal home would be with adults who understand that interactions need to happen on Zeppelin’s terms. If there are kids in the home, older dog savvy kids are best.


Zeppelin is a really special little guy looking for a home with someone who is willing to accept his challenges as well as his successes. If Zep sounds like the kind of senior gent you want to adopt, apply at sitwithme.ca/dogs/zeppelin


  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 10 yrs. 8 mos. old
  • Colour: Chocolate / White
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Possibly, see bio
  • Cats: Yes - Dog Savvy
  • Kids: Possibly but Zeppelin would prefer an adult only home
  • Housing type: Detached where some barking won't be an issue
  • Fenced yard: Required
  • Special: Zeppelin suffers from partial seizures and is on medication to help reduce the frequency. He is also on daily pain medication to help with some arthritis. The cost of the medication is roughly $60/ month. Zeppelin also requires an adopter within the Ottawa area who is willing to do multiple meet and greets before transfer.
  • Adoption Fee: $550