We do not discriminate based on breed, age, lack of manners, medical background or current medical state. Those animals that need us most, those who are in jeopardy of losing their lives due to a lack of resources in a shelter (or at risk of euthanasia in a local clinic), will be the dogs we seek out for rescue.

Our dogs receive the vet care, love, exercise and attention they need before being placed up for adoption. Once they find their forever homes though, we make a promise that our dogs will never be alone again, and should their new home be unable to care for them in the future, we promise to take them back into care. We love these dogs like they were our very own, and we want to make sure they are never abandoned again.

Since our start in 2012, we have helped network well over 1000 dogs with other reputable rescues and have taken in over 1200 dogs into our care.

Contact Us!

Sit With Me Rescue is run by a dedicated group of volunteers that are here to help.  We do not have a dedicated rescue telephone line.  Our email accounts are checked regularly for emergency cases.

Please read below to determine the best method of contact.

General inquiries: info@sitwithme.ca
If you are a clinic or shelter with an urgent dog in need, this is the best method to contact us.

After you read the adoption page, if you still have questions about adoption, you can email our adoption team for help: adopt@sitwithme.ca.  To apply for a dog, please read the dog’s profile in its entirety, and complete the adoption application linked to the dog’s profile.

To apply to become a foster home with us, please complete the foster compatibility questionnaire and then, should you be a good match for the homes we need, you will be asked to complete the application online found here.  If you have a foster question, you can email our foster team at foster@sitwithme.ca.

Fundraising Inquiries: fundraising@sitwithme.ca
If you are a business or individual that is interested in raising funds for us, please contact our amazing team of fundraisers.  They will direct you to the appropriate folks to ensure your event is a success.

Charitable  Number: 835944240RR0001

Mailing address: PO Box 35074, Ottawa RPO Westgate, ON, K1Z 1A2