Sit With Me exists because of an amazing crew of volunteers.  There are a few categories of volunteers where we are most likely to be able to put you to work!  The key thing to note is that we are seeking dedicated volunteers who are able to commit at minimum 4-8 hours per week.

Baking/Sewing/Crafting:  the benefit of this kind of volunteering is that you can do this from your very own home.  We have multiple events annually (including Sweet With Me’s successful Facebook bake sales and our Made With Love Auction) where crafted items benefit the dogs. Contact us at!

Event volunteering: Do you like talking to people about rescue and dogs? If so, then we are looking for you! We need outgoing, fun people that are passionate about sharing the work that the rescue does with supporters at our events. We also need volunteers to help with the various roles involved in our events – nail trimmers (must have experience) and dog washers included!  Contact us at!

Online Fundraising: We hold 3-4 online auctions annually as well as 3 annual online fundraisers.  If you would like to help collect donations and/or help organize the online auctions, contact us at!

Grant Writing: Do you have mad skills when it comes to searching online?  Do you have experience in writing grant applications?  We need your help with applying for various funding, so contact us at!

Corporate Sponsorship Promoting: One of the biggest goals for any organization is sustainability.  That means we need help from corporations that believe in helping local animals. We are building a team that wants to convince corporations to invest in our life saving work. Contact us at!

Specialty Skills: Do you think that your skills can be used to help the dogs? Do you have skills in construction/carpentry and want to help build items for events or to help the dogs have a better life? Are you a photographer interested in pet photography for events?   Do you own a business and want to combine efforts to help the dogs?  Contact us at and let’s see what we can do by working together.

Sit With Me is always open to hearing about ideas on how to raise awareness, raise funds and be a contributing partner in the community.  If you have a community event and you would like us to attend to help raise awareness, email us at and let’s chat!