Fern is not your average pup – she’s an energetic dynamo with a heart full of love and a mind eager to learn. If you’re familiar with the Malinois breed, you’ll quickly realize Fern is a special gem waiting to shine in the right home.

Fern is searching for a home that understands the unique needs of her breed. An active household, particularly one looking for a running partner, would be a dream come true for Fern. She thrives off-leash, showcasing exceptional obedience and a love for exploration.

Fern’s high energy levels make her a perfect candidate for various dog sports. Whether it’s scent detection, competitive obedience, rally obedience, or pull sports, Fern is up for the challenge. Her biddable nature and strong drive for learning mean she’ll excel with an owner who enjoys training and engaging in mental and physical activities.

While Fern is very people-friendly, her breed traits suggest she’s better suited for a home with older children who can actively participate in her training. She’s still working on curbing her mouthiness, so a patient and understanding family willing to guide her through this phase is essential.

Fern has a natural inclination to chew, so she’ll benefit from durable toys and consumable bones to help ensure her chewing needs are not directed onto furniture or other inappropriate things. Providing an outlet for this behavior is crucial to keeping her happy and healthy.

Fern gets along well with other dogs after proper introductions, but she may exhibit reactivity on-leash. Continued positive socialization will help her build confidence and ease into new canine relationships. Because Fern has the papilloma virus, she should only be in contact with older dogs. The papilloma virus often affects dogs under one year and while contagious to other young dogs, it is not contagious to people and resolves on its own without medical intervention.

Fern would thrive continuing to live in a country home environment but would also be a candidate to live in a home with a fenced yard in the city or suburbs. Because of her off leash skills, Fern can go to a home without a fenced yard if in the country but if in the city or suburbs, she requires a fenced yard which will allow her the space and freedom to burn off her abundant energy in a safe environment.

Fern is house-trained and crate-trained, showcasing her adaptability and intelligence. She must be crated when not being supervised due to her desire to chew anything she can find!

If you’re an active individual or family looking for a devoted and trainable companion, Fern might just be the perfect match for you. Come meet Fern, and let her infectious enthusiasm and loving spirit bring a new level of joy to your life!


  • Breed: Malanois Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 mos. old
  • Size: 45lbs and growing!
  • Colour: Tan and Black
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes - See bio
  • Cats: Dog Savvy
  • Kids: 12+
  • Housing Type: Townhome, detached or country home
  • Fenced Yard: Required for city homes, preferred for country homes but not required.
  • Special: Fern has the papilloma virus which is not contagious to people but can be contagious to other young dogs. For this reason, Fern should not be in contact with dogs under one year old until the papillomas have resolved.  Are dogs are not candidates for dog parks. If this is important to you, please do not apply.
  • Only successfully matched applicants will be contacted
  • Adoption Fee: $850