Sparrow is the mama of our Northern Birds Litter and after raising her eight pups, she is ready to find her own forever home.
Sparrow is a very special dog who is looking for a special home. She is a bit on the shy side and takes a bit of time to get comfortable with new people. She has come a long way from being fearful and shy to playful and outgoing when given the time and space to decompress. She will likely need a few week or so in her forever home to reach the same comfortableness she exhibits in her foster home but she has already come leaps and bounds from where she was.
Sparrow is a real sweetheart and has a very soft and gentle nature. This may trick people into thinking she is a less active dog but since weaning her pups, it’s clear that Sparrow is a medium energy pup who loves to run and play and needs a good amount of exercise to keep her healthy and happy. Sparrow is still learning that the world is not so scary and as such, she is not yet confident enough to go for long walks to meet her exercise needs. For this reason she requires a fenced yard where she can run and play as she builds her confidence to go for longer walks.
Sparrow lives with dogs and cats and is a candidate to live with both in her forever home. Sparrow prefers dogs who are laid back and playful but she has little tolerance for dogs who display rude behaviour. Like a typical mom, Sparrow will reprimand dogs who are not respectful in their play and greeting style. She is a very good communicator with other dogs and really enjoys the company of dogs who are respectful. When matched with a friendly pooch, Sparrow is very playful and affectionate. She is often the one initiating a game of tug and will greet her canine friends with a quick lick on the cheek. Sparrow is okay to live with dog savvy cats as she will chase if motivated. Home with cats must exercise slow introductions and be willing to advocate for their cats by allowing space from Sparrow if she becomes overwhelming and crated instead of left loose with cats when left alone. Sparrow’s ideal home will include a well matched pup to help her continue to come out of her shell.
Sparrow is both crate and house trained. She is very fond of her crate and while she is non-destructive when left loose, she is happy to be crated as needed. Given Sparrow’s shy nature, she is best suited to a home with older children who will be patient and calm with her. She would also prefer a quieter home without a lot of comings and goings. Sparrow is a very adaptable pooch but she is one that prefers predictability and routine.
Although Sparrow is a medium energy pup, she has a very good off switch and is happy to snooze on the couch or in a dog bed while her people watch tv or work. She loves to play but also loves to chill making her an excellent mix of fun and quiet. Speaking of quiet, Sparrow is a very quiet dog. Apart from barking to let you know someone is at the door, or to remind a chipmunk that they are not welcome in the yard, you never hear her. For this reason, Sparrow would be a good match for attached or detached housing with a fenced yard.
Sparrow already knows many of her basic commands and is excellent at coming when called. She is a dog who loves routine and once one is set, she is devoted to it – making her an easy addition to most homes.


  • Breed: Medium Mixed Breed
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs. 1 mo. old
  • Size: 14kgs
  • Colour: Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

  • Dogs: Yes - please read more below.
  • Cats: Yes - Dog savvy, please read more below.
  • Kids: 10+
  • Fenced Yard: Required
  • Housing Type: Townhome, Detached or Country Home
  • Special: Sparrow has some outstanding vetting and is looking for a home that is willing to take her to a future vet visit in the Ottawa area, after which the adopters can take her to their vet of choice. Our dogs are not a candidates for dog parks. If this is a priority for you, please do not apply.
Only matched applicants will be contacted.
  • Adoption Fee: $750