Zo is a happy-go-lucky girl looking for a happy-go-lucky family. She is happy to nap and happy to run the yard, and it is a dependant on how she is feeling. She would love an active person in her life to take her on adventures and then cuddle up with her at night for calm time! Mornings are fun as you sometimes have to really encourage her to get out of bed for her morning outside time. She is quite the clown!

She loves the company of dogs and we think she would be happiest with another playful and tolerant dog in the home. Zo does not always understand when her canine buddy needs a break, so it is always important for her people to step in and help out. Zo has seen cats in pet stores and outdoors and does not show signs of chase, but of course, if you have a cat and are interested in Zo, you will need to describe your plan for slow introductions to ensure success.

Zo has met kids out and about and been friendly, as she is with everyone in general, but we think she would rather have older and dog-savvy kids in her home only. Zo is working on her crate training and will need to continue this work in her new home as she can get into things when left. She really prefers to be in the same room to hang out with her people and when left, she will sing so a home where some barking is okay will be essential. Zo can sometimes be stubborn when asked (hand signals) to do things so positive reinforcement is always important – a great motto is “Bring treats everywhere!”. A sense of humour is very much needed to fully enjoy the dog that is Zo as she can be quite entertaining! She is sunshine on a cloudy day and extra sunshine on a sunny one!

She is a busy girl at times, and a great sleeping walrus at others. She has the cutest yawns you’ve ever seen. She is not a huge fan of car rides, but a cracked window can help. Walks, however, are her happy place, and pulling out the leash makes her dance like a fool.

If Zo sounds like the happy and outgoing, sometimes stubborn, but always friendly gal you have been looking for, do not wait to apply online here: http://www.sitwithme.ca/zo

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  • Breed: Bull terrier Mix
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs. 3 mos. old
  • Size: Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Stage: Available

Additional notes

Dogs: Yes, friendly and tolerant dog in the home would be awesome and ideal! Cats: Dog savvy cats may be okay with slow introductions Kids: Dog savvy and 10+ Housing Type: Detached ideally (or townhome where some barking when left is okay) Fenced-in Yard: Required Special: Zo is deaf. This means she will need special support from her person to follow the rules, but she is a fun and sweet girl, eager to follow your lead! Someone home more often to start is needed, so a routine of leaving her can be established slowly. She may sing when left. A meet and greet in the Ottawa area will be required prior to placement. She will only be placed in Ottawa or outside of Ontario (within 2 hours) due to her bully-esque characteristics. Adoption fee: $750 and includes a virtual training session to help her new family (if needed).