Foster homes are desperately needed to help dogs ♡

We have pups from Manitoba who have had a rough go and need a loving foster home committed to their ongoing vet care. These guys in the picture are just a couple of those in need. They have mange (host-specific so not contagious) and deserve to be loved.

We have young adult 45lbs+ dogs (Lab, shep, husky, am bully and mastiff mixes) in local shelters in urgent need of love and structure as the shelters are OVERCROWDED and the dogs are at risk because there is xjust not enough space. The shelters are networking them, and so are we. These are deserving dogs that need proper exercise, training and care to become the best dogs they can be. They did not ask to end up in this situation. They range from medium to higher energy, some are scared but warm up quickly while others are social, some are good with dogs while others would prefer to be the only dog. There are 9 dogs still in need.

We also have smaller breed dogs (under 35lbs), good with dogs, that need a calm home life for those foster homes that cannot help puppies or bigger dogs.

There are so many urgent dogs in need. Please consider fostering if you can commit to helping make the world a better place for a dog ♡ We will work hard to match you with a foster dog.

Read up and apply here:

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