Introducing Your New Dog to People or Children

If a new dog feels stressed by all of the changes and surroundings, introducing them to too many people may cause a bad reaction. So please delay introductions to friends and neighbors until the dog has had a chance to settle in.

Make introductions one at a time, on leash for control. Exercise and calm the dog before meeting, and have treats handy to shape and reward good behavior. The dog may want to sniff the visitor first, before any petting. Beware: if the guest is tense, the dog may sense this as a direct challenge. So make sure the visitor is relaxed and set the tone with your actions and attitude.

Read cues from your dog: how comfortable do they appear? Many dogs love new people, while others feel overwhelmed. Having the dog on leash will help should you need to correct any unwanted behaviors such as; growling or jumping on people. Allowing a dog to jump on people is a common mistake, but to avoid exasperation down the line, teach your dog “off” from the start. In addition, don’t let anyone engage your dog in aggressive play such as wrestling, tug of war, or play biting.

Never leave children alone with your dog

Teach your own and visiting children the proper way to approach a dog.
NEVER rush up to, scream at, or pester a dog.
NEVER harass or mistreat a dog. Don’t jump on or rough-house with dogs.

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