Mikey’s Campaign: Meet Dusty

We’ve told you about Mikey’s Campaign for Kindness Legacy. Though Mikey isn’t with us anymore we thought we’d introduce you to one of our “Mikeys” Here’s another Mikey – this time his name is Dusty.

There are some days in rescue when we just can’t believe our eyes. We have recently had one of those days when we met a tiny 5 week old puppy who was found thrown out in a dumpster…with the rest of the “trash.” Now known as Dusty, this little guy is very lucky to be alive today. He was brought to the shelter by a shelter patrol during our lovely cold snap – we can only imagine the painful death Dusty would have suffered if he had not been found in this weather.

But the good news is that now Dusty is safe in our care getting all the medical attention and love he so deserves. Dusty was probably thrown out because he was looking sickly. Dusty has sores all over his face and ears and has many abscesses (over 10) all over his body. His lymph nodes are swollen and his abscesses are exploding one by one leaving large open sores on his body. He is in a lot of pain but all he wants is to be held and cuddled, which we are definitely enjoying doing for him.

We are very hopeful that Dusty will make a full recovery and be a happy, pain-free puppy again! We will never be able to understand why people would breed their dogs and then not provide their puppies with proper medical care, however this reinforces to us the importance of rescues.

Dusty will not be available for adoption until he has made a complete recovery. We will keep everyone updated on Dusty’ progress and we will post some better pictures once he’s feeling better and ready for a photo-shoot!

How you can help

We cannot help dogs like Dusty without our supporters like you. If you would like to make a donation to help Dusty and his foster friends, you can do so by e-transfer or PayPal to sitwithmerescue@gmail.com (tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more).  We are looking for 100 people to raise $100 through acts of kindness. Money raised will go directly to support the care of our special needs dogs, like Ricky. Of course, if you find ways to raise more than $100, we won’t object!

This year’s campaign is in memory of Mikey but it would be good to give a little reminder of his story. The focus though is on Mikey’s legacy of Kindness and helping to ensure that as many dogs as possible are given the same opportunity that he was.

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