Made with Love 2017 Rules

Payment is due by July 24th at 8pm. Posting your pick-up/$5 drop-off or mail-out option on the FB comment under your congratulations tagged post must be done by Sunday, July 23rd at 10am. Please EMAIL us at with private details for drop off or mail out by Sunday, July 23rd at 10am.

Please keep on reading the details below


Please, please do not default on your payment; remember that this is a charity auction and all monies go to help the dogs. Payment is due by Monday, July 24th at 8pm. You can pay by the following ways:

  • A) Paypal to
  • B) Email Money Transfer to, use password madewithlove
  • C) Cash on Pickup (must choose pick up options 1A or 1B only)

You can pay by paypal or email transfer to Please use password “madewithlove” or email us the password used. Also, when you make the payment, include your FB name (if different from the payment email and the items you won as well). Indicate if you are adding funds for $5 drop off (read below for details) or if you are adding funds for mailing. If you require payment only by cash on pick up, you must choose one of the store pick ups on July 29th or 30th as that will be the only time we will have a cash box on hand.


We have worked hard at having as many options as we can for you! As soon as you are tagged, you will be asked to post in the reply comment on the tagged post your choice on how the items will get to you. YOU MUST POST YOUR CHOSEN OPTION (#1A-D, #2A-J, #3, or #4) BY Sunday July 23rd at 10am PLEASE as this is our volunteer sorting day. Please also EMAIL us at with private details for drop off or mail out by Sunday, July 23rd at 10am.

1) Pick-Up

We will have volunteers sitting at a table waiting for you at the following locations. If you indicate these dates for pick up, please do show up! Choose from the following options:

  • 1A) Saturday, July 29th, 11-2 pm at Pet Valu Trainyards
  • 1B) Sunday, July 30th, 11-2 pm at Barrkhaven (2100 Strandherd Dr)
  • 1C) August 20th, 11-2 pm at our Anniversary Picnic (Laroche Park, 52 Bayview Rd)
  • 1D) Pre-arranged date and time pick up at door step of one of our volunteers living in the following areas:
    • 1D1) OTIS: Halley St in Barrhaven
    • 1D2) DUSTY: Riddell Ave S near Merivale & 417
    • 1D3) ZEUS: Pick up at 1651 Bearbrook in Gloucester between 8 am and 5 pm. We will provide you a number to call to pre-arrange.

2) Drop-off at your door FOR AN EXTRA $5 (in certain areas only)*

We have a few volunteers who have offered to do drop offs in the following areas but YOU MUST BE OKAY WITH A PORCH DROP OFF DURING THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE AUCTION CLOSE and YOU MUST EMAIL US AT WITH YOUR ADDRESS BY JULY 23rd at 10am please. You must also add $5 to your winning total if you would like this option.

  • 2A) Kanata, South of the 417
  • 2B) Orleans
  • 2C) Elmvale Acres
  • 2D) Alta Vista
  • 2E) Bourget
  • 2F) Manotick
  • 2G) Barrhaven
  • 2H) within a few minutes of Riverside Drive
  • 2I) Osgoode
  • 2J) Vanier

*We cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any items following the porch drop off.

Unfortunately, many people do not pick up their items and have an expectation that we will hold their item for them for more than a few weeks outside of the scheduled options. We won’t because this is a nightmare for us. Communication is key, so email us if there is an issue and we will try to resolve it.

3) Mail-Out

This is an option for easy to pack and mail items but all costs are at the expense of the winner. DO NOT WAIT TO SEND IN YOUR PAYMENT. If you win and want an item mailed, please add extra mailing funds to the transfer and let us know you have done so. Should the mail out cost more, we will let you know. If it is less we promise it will go to a pooch in need. Please email us at to indicate your address and the extra funds you have sent. If you would like insurance on the package, please specify that as well. Please post under any of your winning tagged post on FB and email us by July 23rd at 10am please with your details.

4) Pick up from a SWM volunteer

Should you have pre-approved a pick up with a SWM volunteer, please let us know who we will be picking up the item for you.

Of special note: If you pay, but do not make arrangements within the listed options, and do not contact us to make other arrangements before Aug 1st, ownership of the item transfers back to us and payment will not be refunded. So please communicate with us as we truly do not want to keep your item, but we also cannot feasibly store items long-term either 
We know this seems like a lot of details to consider, but we promise it is all for good reason! Please join us in thanking all our donors and volunteers who made this possible.

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