Pawsitive Review: Ruger has a Fresh Look on Life

Ruger, a young male English Bulldog, is a total goof ball and makes his people laugh every day. But with painful red eyes, this stink bomb of a dog didn’t have an easy path to his forever home. Ruger needed significant vetting for cherry eye, which we were able to give him thanks to the support of our donors through fundraisers like the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and our Made with Love Auction.

Ruger’s family couldn’t be happier, saying

“Thanks so much for never giving up on him despite his challenges. He really is a good boy and we’re very happy to have him in our lives.”

Ruger has always been an active boy and a bit of a troublemaker. He loves toys, but he especially loves stealing toys from other dogs! Gentle kisses are not really his thing, but after a day of adventuring this little snort will curl up with his head on your lap for a quick snooze. Then, with a fart, he is off again and on the search for another adventure. He really is a busy boy!

Ruger landed a spot in rescue when a local shelter realised that he had a long road to health, and decided foster care was in his best interest. We welcomed with open arms this squishy boy and his incredible foster parents, Danielle and Ryan. This active, fun-loving, goofy dog absolutely loves life, and we felt he deserved the best one we could give him.

Unfortunately, Ruger was not in good health. This little stinker had lots of tummy troubles, likely from food allergies. As any small change in his schedule would lead to upsets, he is now on a special, strict diet and doing much better. He has even learned to wait patiently for his dinner (though not how to share it!)

In addition to routine vetting and a neuter, Ruger needed bilateral cherry eye surgery to correct his painful, irritated red eyes. We opted for the specialized surgery when our vet explained that it would give him the greatest chance of avoiding further eye issues. Even though this meant a $2700 surgery, we wanted to give this little brickhouse the best possible life. And because of the generous support of our incredible donors, we were able to do just that.

Earlier this year, Ruger bulldozed his way into an amazing new home. His adoptive parents welcomed him into the family with open arms, telling us “he’s stolen our hearts and we couldn’t be happier with him. The transition went extremely smoothly. He loves his long walks and play time with the kids.” We are thrilled that this handsome beefcake has landed himself such a perfect loving forever home.

Happy endings like Ruger are only possible with your help. June is the Great Canadian Giving Challenge where every dollar donated through our Canada Helps page gives us a chance to win $10,000 – that’s enough to help three more dogs like Ruger! If you would like to help give another dog their happily ever after, please donate here.

Not only does Canada Helps give us the chance to win, their platform helps us minimize our administrative costs so that more money goes to the dogs. Receipts are automatically provided for any donation over $20, but the minimum donation is only $3 – and every little bit helps.
Help us win $10,000

Another way you can support dogs like Ruger is to give an item to our upcoming Made with Love auction. Launching in early July, Made with Love highlights the beautiful work of local artisans, craftspersons, tinkerers and DIYers. Any handmade items are greatly appreciated.

If you have a special skill or craft that you would like to donate, we would be honoured to have your support. We’ll have more details soon, but in the meantime, please email us at Items can also be dropped off anytime during business hours at Wag Cafe and Pet Lounge.

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