We’re reopening intake again

40 days ago, we closed intake with heavy hearts. Today, we’re opening intake again.

In 40 days, all of the dogs that needed orthopaedic surgeries have received surgical repair and are recovering in care. Their bills are paid. In 40 days, the debt we held with all of our vet care partners, boarding partners and training partners has been paid. In 40 days, a community let us know that they wanted us to get back to the work of helping the most at risk dogs in need.

Your support – both in words and actions – made this happen. You did everything from online auctions, bake sales, grooming days, online percentage sales, card sales, doubling donations… you gave up your coffee fund, your lunch fund, your date night fund, and you decided to help our dogs instead. You gave up what you love so you could help others. We’re struggling a bit trying to describe how grateful we are to you as it really is beyond words.

So instead, we are putting our gratitude into action by continuing to save lives.

Going forward though, we have a lot of work to do!

We are adding more fun events that encourage people to come out and talk “dog”! Trivia nights (this one is sold out!!!) and the upcoming curling tourney are some event ideas but we have more planned! We will be recruiting more dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to help with these kind of fun events that we consider low-resource commitment and high-fun because being an approachable and visible part of the community is really important to us.

We are also officially on the lookout for businesses that have a profound love for helping dogs. When you think “someone should help that pup”, do you ever think that someone could be you and your business? We want to find financial partners to align with that are eager to work together to maximize the impact for the dogs that need us most. If you have some ideas on how your business wants to help, email us at info@sitwithme.ca and let’s set up a time to talk corporate sponsorship. And yes, we may be able to thank you in-person with puppy cuddles!

We are so grateful to be back, and we are also so grateful to be working on a long term plan to help local shelters and shelter animals that need our

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