Sanctuary Dogs

15 year old Gilbert, has been in our care for the last four years, and was the first face you saw on our website and Facebook Adoptable Dogs pages.

Before coming into care, Gilbert was attacked on his own property by loose dogs. His owner at the time surrendered the injured boy to a local shelter. He was in terrible shape. The shelter called us – “could you take this boy in? It’s a bit urgent”.  We conferred and a foster home was found. One of our volunteers headed to the shelter and loaded this very injured and still bleeding boy into the back of her vehicle and headed to the emergency vet.  Our vet took him in, performed the necessary life saving surgery, and nursed him back to health. Throughout his whole journey from leaving the shelter to arriving at the vet until now, his tail continuously wagged. As a result of the attacks, Gilbert understandably never trusted dogs going forward and required an adoptive home without other dogs.

While he had some adoption applications in the past, his perfect forever home turned out to be right where he landed when he first arrived. He has been loved and cared for with the same foster family, and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is no longer in a state of health to be moved to a new adoptive home, nor should he have to move. The goal now is to keep him as comfortable as possible.

As a result, Gilbert has graduated into our Sanctuary dogs program, meaning he will be staying with his wonderful foster for the remainder of his time, and will no longer be available for adoption.

What is our Sanctuary Program? Well, when a dog receives a terminal diagnosis or has medical needs, we make the decision to keep them in our care indefinitely. The stress of moving and adjusting into a new family is too much and we have the means to care for the dogs with our fantastic medical team by our side.

Dogs like Gilbert are few and far between, but your donations allow us to keep these Sanctuary dogs comfortable until their time comes. $20.00+ over gets you a tax receipt here: you can email transfer to but please email us separately your full name and address if you would like a receipt.


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