So you’re thinking about adopting a Sit With Me dog?  Well, that’s awesome!

Our foster dogs are in private foster homes living as a family dog.  We get to know each one before placing them up for adoption.  We do not have a central location where you can go to meet the dogs in our care, but we do have adoption events every now and again, where you can come on out and meet some of our dogs up for adoption.

The best advice we can give you to start, is as you look at those very cute and engaging faces of each dog in need, please carefully read every single word in their profile.  Our adoption profiles are the result of what we have learned about each dog while in a foster home with us.  This is the biggest benefit of going through a responsible rescue – we know what the dog is like living in a home and we have learned what the dog needs.

Our adoption process – what you can expect

Our adoption process involves completing an application form.  Your answers to the application questions provide us with really good information about what you are looking for in your next companion and the kind of life one of our dogs might lead in your care.  Our process is as much for the benefit of our dogs as it is for you.  Keep in mind, the dogs we take into care have already been failed by other people, and we want their next home to be their forever one.  If it seems like we take the matching process seriously, it is because we do.

A coordinator that is familiar with the dog you have applied for will then review your application.  If the application meets the criteria set out in the dog’s adoption profile, and the home life you offer is a good match for the dog, we then schedule a phone chat to discuss adoption and of course, to answer any questions you might have.  If the dog was popular and received more than one matched application, it is likely that several calls will need to be completed, understandably extending the length of the adoption process as we coordinate the volunteer’s and applicants’ schedules.

Once calls are completed, the foster home and coordinator will review each applicant and determine the best match for the dog.  All applicants will be contacted and informed of the decision, and we will schedule a meet and greet and home visit with the best matched applicant.  We know our process is not always perfect, but we do our best for the dogs we love.

Once the day of the home visit arrives, you will meet the dog and together we decide if in person, the dog is the right fit for you. If yes, we sign the contract, collect the adoption fee and the dog is officially adopted! Each adoption within geographical proximity to Ottawa/Gatineau.

Our adoption fee and what it includes

Our adoption fee is $850 for puppies, $750 for adults and $550 for seniors. The fee includes core vaccinations (DHPP) including boosters, rabies vaccination, heartworm test where applicable, microchip, and of course spay/neuter. If the dog required any other vet treatment or surgery while in our care, this is also included in the adoption fee. All known medical information is explained to adopters prior to adoption. We are open and transparent about the dogs in our care.

Adopting a pit bull type dog out of Ontario

We know that different areas enforce Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in different ways. We do not support BSL.  We are often asked to adopt out our dogs into areas with BSL and while we understand why people ask, our answer is that we will not do it.  The shelters entrust us to place their dogs outside of Ontario, and if we break that trust, the shelters will no longer ask us to help.  We just will not risk the dogs in our care or the future dogs that will need us.

If you are in a safe area to adopt a pit bull type dog, the cost of the flight is included in the adoption fee.  We should note that we will need to coordinate a pet escort (an escort flying on the flight willing and able to add the dog to their flight) which may delay the dog’s arrival a bit, and the dog must be able to fly cargo.

What happens after adoption?

After adoption, we are still here for each and every dog.  Should an adopter no longer be able to care for their Sit With Me dog, the dog is legally required to come back into our care if we have the required resources.  If one of our adopters faces the excruciating decision between being able to afford a life-saving medical procedure (assuming quality of life) and euthanasia, we are here to take the dog back into care if euthanasia is the option chosen.

We love our foster dogs and we are looking for that kind of love and devotion in a forever home too. If you have any general adoption questions, please email us at

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