Black Lab / Female / 8 yrs. 1 mo.


Miska is the very definition of a good girl. Inside the home she likes to lounge around and has great manners. Outside her inner puppy comes out and she loves to run around…

Great Pyreneese / Male / 9 mos.

Big Mac

Big Mac is looking for a foster to adopt home who loves big dogs. This big guy loves his people and will chill all day with them. He always keeps an eye on his…

Mixed Breed / Female / 4 mos.


Winter is a ball of energy and fun who will make an excellent addition to an active family. Winter would love to share her home with another playful pooch, in fact it’s required for her! Winter…

Husky/Labrador / Male / 8 yrs. 8 mos.


Ladies man, Boris, is looking for his forever home to live out his golden years in a safe and loving home. Boris enjoys having a playmate to run around with in the fenced-in yard, and…

Potcake / Male / 9 mos.


Jerome could easily be Batman’s sidekick, with a face like that, leaping over dog beds and displaying plenty of heroic energy! He wants to be first in line for everything in life!  He is…

Mixed Breed / Female / 3 mos.


Vega is a big personality in a little girl. She is confident and knows what she wants. She loves to get all the belly scratches and loves to cuddle. She is looking for a chance…

Mixed Breed / Male / 4 mos.


Hubbard is an outgoing boy who loves everything. He is very playful, very cuddly, and very energetic. He is a rambunctious little guy always willing and eager to learn. Hubbard loves dogs, he is very…

Mixed Breed / Male / 4 mos.

Blue Hokkaido

Blue is your typical puppy, he is so sweet, very playful, and a bit mischievous when he thinks no one is looking. Blue is a great listener and is looking to please. He is looking…

Mixed breed / Male / 4 mos.

Harvest Moon

Harvest started out as a shy guy, but as he gets more used to the world, he is jumping in with all 4 paws more often now!  We think having another pooch around would be…

Shepherd Mix (Manitoba Mix) / Male / 5 mos.


Mutt is a happy and energetic boy looking for a family that will continue to help him grow into a lovely dog!  He is a curious, smart and eager to learn and play puppy…

Chihuahua Mix / Male / 7 mos.


When Wally grows up, he would love to be the lead in a Broadway musical where his voice and toe-tappy ways would get him some attention.  Wally is a goofy, silly, active, happy little…

American Bully / Male / 1 yr. 3 mos.


Nero is a special pooch with a heart of gold. This love bug had a very difficult first year of his life where he found himself passed around from person to person so we are…

American Bulldog Mix / Male / 11 mos.


Groot is nicknamed baby elephant because nothing he does is delicate! He will step on your toes and then look at you funny when you ask him to move along. He also thinks he’s…

Mixed Breed / Male / 7 mos.


Blake.  What can we say?  This guy is some kind of cute!  Important though, he is overwhelmed in new situations and with new people and needs patience from his people.  He needs a calm…

Mixed Breed / Male / 1 yr. 2 mos.


Einstein is a smart little cub, who is shy in new situations and needs a calm home environment to feel safe.  When shy, he is quiet and stays out of the way.  Once he…

Shepherd Mix (Manitoba Mix) / Male / 6 mos.


Odin is a sweet sensitive guy always looking for love whether it be with a canine pal or through his people. He loves to sing to his people, cuddle despite his growing size and wrestle.

Mastiff Mix / Male / 4 yrs. 1 mo.


Just like that snowman, Olaf is a goofy and loving boy that loves to be around his people.  Olaf has lived with kids in the past, but sometimes Olaf doesn’t know just how…

German Shepherd / Male / 4 yrs. 9 mos.


Aldo is a smart handsome guy who loves to learn new things. He is very inquisitive and loves to use his nose to find new and interesting things. He is also a loyal guy and…

Potcake / Female / 1 yr. 8 mos.


Miss Monica is now ready to find her perfect forever home! This shy gal takes sometime to warm up to new people but when you’re in… you will be showered in love! Monica absolutely loves…

Potcake / Female / 3 yrs. 9 mos.


Olive is a dog that needs a very special person who will be patient with her and she especially needs someone who will love to hang out and cuddle a lot.  Olive is a medium…

Potcake / Male / 7 mos.

John Gotti

Johnny is the apple of anyone’s eye.  He is a sweet boy that loves to love and be loved.  He goes out of his way trying to convince everyone that being friends is better, and…

Potcake / Male / 9 mos.


“Small but mighty” is Ryder’s motto!  He is a busy little guy that loves to explore and get into things; therefore, he will need an active family to keep him busy and out of…

Chihuahua / Male / 10 yrs. 8 mos.


Special little Zep is looking for a soft place to land for his golden years. This senior chi came back to care recently and was diagnosed with a health condition that was affecting his behaviour.

Potcake / Female / 9 mos.


Typical puppy Willa is all you would expect in a happy girl, and more!  She needs guidance and love and we think she will make an excellent pup for a dedicated person, or family.

Potcake / Male / 1 yr. 11 mos.


Happy boy Martin is excited to find his active and fun loving home! Are you looking for a pooch who loves to play and go for long walks, well Martin is the guy for you.

Potcake / Female / 2 yrs. 5 mos.


Bianca is a fun loving affectionate girl who has a real zest for life. She loves her treats and a good bone to chew on but her favorite things are walks and chasing…

Boxer Lab Mix / Female / 6 yrs. 6 mos.


Let’s slow things down a little, shall we? Kallie is a soft, gentle, medium energy girl who loves to lounge on the couch, floor, bed, you name it! Kallie is her name, and…

American Bully / Male / 6 yrs. 10 mos.


Cutie Patootie Scott is ready to bulldoze his way into his new home. Don’t be fooled by his age… Scott truly thinks he’s 6 months and not 6 years! This big boy is looking for…

Rottweiler / German shepherd mix / Male / 2 yrs. 4 mos.

Dr. Luka

Meet Dr. Luka!  Luka is a lovely pooch but does have insecurities and needs his forever home to be experienced with his type of breed and behaviour. Luka takes a few minutes to learn and…

Boxer/Terrier mix / Female / 8 yrs. 8 mos.


Zera is a gorgeous, sweet, and loyal senior girl who loves to spend time around her people. She takes no time at all to warm up to people and will happily give away free kisses…

Potcake / Female / 1 yr. 3 mos.


Naomi is one very adorable puppy who easily steals your heart with her kisses and silly ways. She adores cuddling and makes herself very small at night so she can sleep on your bed but…

Hound / Dogo Mix / Male / 4 yrs. 3 mos.


Hello from best boy Marshmallow! This handsome guy is happily searching for his perfect dog-experienced home… could it be you? Marshmallow is a lover of all people. Snuggling on the couch with a good movie…

Pitbull mix / Female / 2 yrs. 6 mos.


Playful Missi is ready to find her forever family! This little girl LOVES to play, so she is looking for an active home that hopefully has a playful canine sibling for her to play with! She…

Corgi mix / Male / 4 yrs. 4 mos.


Kente is a solid young fellow and is excited about the world. Despite being 3.5 years old, this guy still has some manners to learn and his foster family is on the job! Kente is…

Shepherd Mix / Male / 4 yrs. 7 mos.


  Building a trusting relationship with Finnick is the most important part of his process to finding a new family. Once that is in place, he is a funny, silly, loving – though sometimes annoyingly…

Shepherd Mix / Male / 14 yrs. 3 mos.


This handsome dude is searching for his kindred spirit!  He loves every human he meets and every human cannot get over what a lovely boy he is too! Gilbert came into rescue with severe wounds after…