Mix Breed

L-XL Mixed Breed / Male / 2 mos.


Callen is a big cuddle bug!  He doesn’t realize his size and truly feels that he is a lap dog. He loves to give people kisses but sometimes they turn into little love nibbles. Callen will…

L-XL Mixed Breed / Male / 2 mos.


Nolan is a happy & sensitive puppy.  He would really thrive in a calmer home environment with another playful dog to show him the way. Since Nolan is on the shy side, he will…

Small Mix Breed / Male / 2 mos.

The Addams Family

On April 1st the Addams Family litter was born. There are 5 puppies: Morticia and Wednesday are female. Pugsley, Lurch, and Gomez are male. Now it is time for them to find their individual forever…

Medium Mix Breed / Female / 6 mos.


Zola is a sweet sensitive girl who is shy in new situations. At home Zola loves to follow her people around. She loves to play in the backyard and play with the other dogs.

Terrier mix / Male / 5 mos.


Rafiq is an easy going chill little dude. He loves nothing more than to hang out and watch the world go by with his people. He is very loyal to his people and highly…

Mixed Breed / Male / 5 mos.


Sweet and quirky Rowan is ready to find his forever home! This adorable pup is full of sass and fun and enjoys the very basics of life. He is a medium energy pup and is…

Chihuahua/Terrier mix / Female / 7 mos.


Aylin is a fun loving and happy girl, while she starts out shy and unsure in new situations, she blossoms with patience.  Once comfy, she’s jumping on your lap for cuddles and bouncing around the…

Mixed Breed / Male / 7 yrs. 3 mos.


Axton is a very sweet, cuddly boy who is happy to be with you and participate in all things with you!  He loves playing fetch in a fenced in space, and to jump in, on…

Mixed Breed / Female / 10 mos.


Winter is a ball of energy and fun who will make an excellent addition to an active family. Winter is excellent with other dogs and would enjoy having other dog pals or playdates! Winter is…

Boxer/Terrier mix / Female / 9 yrs. 2 mos.


Zera is a gorgeous, introverted senior girl who loves to spend time around her trusted people. She’s a little insecure and will take her time to warm up to new people, and will look to…