We’re reopening intake again
40 days ago, we closed intake with heavy hearts. Today, we’re opening intake again. In 40 days, all of the dogs that needed orthopaedic surgeries have received surgical repair and are recovering in care. Their bills are paid. In 40 days, the debt we held with all of our vet…
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We are closing our doors for intake indefinitely
This is a difficult post to write. With this big white screen and a demanding, blinking cursor staring back at us, we can feel the tears coming. But here we go… We are closing our doors for intake indefinitely. Please keep reading. Our outstanding bills sit at over $25000 with…
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Mikey’s Legacy: Campaign of Kindness
Runs from: February 1st – March 15th 2019 (you can start as early as Jan 20th this year!) Location: Starts from the goodness of your heart and can be done from anywhere! Supporting Applications: Sign up on CanadaHelps.org as an individual or as…
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Help us win $10k: June is the Great Canadian Giving Challenge
We’re excited kickoff the Great Canadian Giving Challenge (GCGC). We have a chance to win $10,000 for every dollar donated through the month of June; please read on for details! June is a difficult month in animal rescue. Pet abandonment skyrockets in the lead up to…
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Sullivan’s Surgery
Sullivan…This is how his story goes… Sullivan was owned.  His owner had no issues with Sullivan and Sullivan lived with kids and was a happy muffin.  Then one day he was being babysat by someone else and Sullivan grumbled (reason unclear).  So his owner came back and after hearing Sullivan…
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Meet Odin!

Odin is a sweet sensitive guy always looking for love whether it be with a canine pal or through his people. He loves to sing to his people, cuddle despite his growing size and wrestle.

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